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Active Bio-Ceramic Crystals – How they work

Good blood circulation and cell metabolism is required to eliminate cellulite. The special feature of the Anti-Cellulite Shapewear from Scala is the millions of microscopic Bio-Ceramic Crystals woven into the material itself which gives you just that: increased cell metabolism, improved blood flow and more oxygen skin level.


The patented nanotechnology with Bio-Ceramic Crystals absorb body heat and converts it into far infra red rays (FIR) which stimulate blood circulation and cell metabolism. The result is significantly reduced cellulite and waistline within 30 days.

The Anti-Cellulite Shapewear feels just like any other normal undergarment and should be worn for a minimum of 8 hours per day.

1. The unique fabric in the pants contains active Bio-Ceramic Crystals which upon contact with the skin absorb body heat, which is then turned into far infra red rays.

2. These rays heat up the skin and increase the metabolism of the cells. The infra red rays stimulate cellular metabolism through release of the body's own nitric oxide, a very potent blood vessel dilator agent, which improves blood flow and oxygen supply at skin level, helping reduce the appearance of cellulite. The release of nitric oxide also helps to reduce the amount of extra cellular liquid, thereby reducing swelling.

3. This increases blood flow and oxygen availability at skin level, which in turn causes the fat layers that make up cellulite to melt into a liquid state, creating a smoother appearance and texture.

4. The liquid is transported to the liver and kidneys and is excreted.


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Skin with cellulite


Skin under Bio-Fir Anti-Cellulite treatment


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